Friday, October 24, 2008

What to Watch When Your Sewer Backs Up

So here at Kittywampus, we seem to have a semiannual tradition of the sewer backing up and flooding the basement. Today's episode was very very minor compared to the inaugural flood of last November, Die grosse Scheisse, or its sequel in May. (In fact, it was small enough that I'm not sure we've satisfied the gods of bad sewer karma.)

Which brings me - logically enough - back to politics. Y'all know that I want Tina Fey to run for president. Here's as good a reason as any: Anyone who take transform shit into laughter just might be able to stop the perpetual sewage backups in our economy and foreign policy. And wouldn't Will Ferrell make a marvelous VP? Watch and see (if you haven't already):

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