Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Impressions from the Final Debate

First: I want to hear directly from Joe the Plumber. If he's making more than $250,000 per year, I don't have any problem with him paying higher taxes. If not, then John McCain was dishing out the same stuff Joe the Plumber deals with every day.

Second: I can't believe how McCain played the victim card tonight. He whined that the campaign has swerved negative because Barack Obama wouldn't play town hall with him. Then he got in a tizzy about John Lewis’ suggestion that associating Barack Obama with terrorism and questioning his loyalty to America might be invoking the spirit of George Wallace. Um, what's worse ... inciting violence, or getting slightly overwrought in denouncing such violence? You tell me, Senator McCain. (And frankly, I'm not convinced Lewis exaggerated overmuch.)

Finally: Does McCain still know how to smile without looking like he's about to snarl or explode? Yikes. Someone obviously coached him to look straight at Obama, this time, but it obviously pained him. For next time, someone needs to tell him that a frozen, deer-in-the-headlights stare, punctuated only by manic blinks and jaw clenches, won't make him look presidential.

Oh, wait, we're done with the debates. Yay! There won't be a next time. Me? I'm still voting for "that one."

What did y'all think?


Coupla notes: I saw Joe Biden speak this morning, will blog on it tomorrow (I hope) when I've got a few minutes. And for some reason, today I got a bunch of hits on my old post on the right wing's attempt to smear Obama because no one can produce a copy of his undergraduate honors thesis. I guess Faux News or some other right-wing spin machine must have dredged up this rumor, which basically insinuated that in his senior year at Columbia, Obama wrote an anti-American thesis. But they couldn't even get the rumor straight! People were searching on "Obama's doctoral thesis." Hey, we should all get our Ph.D. so easily.

Oh, and I have a new yard sign. I'm really hoping this one won't walk away. Three's a charm?


Henry said...

Your last sentence of paragraph 1 made the Madame laugh so hard, yesterday's juice came out of her nose. Per McCain's crazy herky-jerky show, I have posted my thoughts on that.

The Madame reckons at some point you'll be addressing McCain's use of air quotes while discussing pregnant women's "health". She marvels at the fact that you are a mom and prof who still takes time to dazzle us with your daily doses of wit and wisdom. To which I insist: I'm a CAT for pete's sake. My punditry isn't as impressive?! Good grief. I think I'm going to have a McCain moment.

Laura said...

damn, I've got garden envy. I love your house.

Yeah the style contrast is striking. I'm mean, like hit you over the head striking.

McCain's debate style is to be condescending - after all, he does have the experience mantle. And that style worked fabulously against Romney in the republican primary debates. McCain treated him to the eye ball rolls, the dismissive glances, and few good zingers. That worked well back then because Romney is so fake and odious. Plus Thompson had McCain's back. It was like a comedy - they would set each other up.

But that style falls flat when dealing with some one as thoughtful, eloquent, composed and likable as Obama. Obama rises above that negativity in a way that Romney couldn't.

ps Joe the Plumber was on GMA this AM. For reals. He's in McCain's pocket.

Sungold said...

Henry, you're quite right, I do need to say something about McCain's mockery of health. But tell Carla I'm not feeling so witty at the moment; I am so swamped with work!

This is why we need more cat punditry. You have several hours a day to devote to deep thought - in between naps, of course. Gotta keep your priorities straight.

Laura, I wish I could take credit for this garden, but in its current incarnation, my husband gets full credit. I just picked out the pansy colors with him, and he did everything else while I did my little Obama canvassing gig.

Good analysis on Romney. That makes me think it would've been a pleasure to watch Obama go head-to-head with Romney.