Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Most Unexpected Pleasures of Parenting

I should have posted this over the weekend, when this was fresh and the Tiger was in a brilliant mood - not today, when he was testily ignoring anything that any adult said to him. But maybe today's the perfect time to remind myself that I don't just love him, I actually enjoy his company when he's not so cranky.

Upon becoming a parent, you expect certain pleasures. You know you'll melt when your child says he loves you, not suspecting it'll be his favorite topic-changer whenever he's about to get in trouble. You look forward to that first "Mama," even if it comes weeks or months after he cooks up a name for Grey Kitty (aka "Mau"). You realize you'll get teary at the first day of kindergarten and school plays and really any milestone, no matter how trivial.

What you could never anticipate is this. The Tiger recorded his first song this weekend, written and performed by his silly self, at the callow age of five. I think it could be a big hit among the three-year-old set.

Here are the lyrics:
I love chickety poop
chickety poop chickety poop
I love chickety poop
all day long.
If you figure out what "chickety poop" is, let me know.


Sugarmag said...

That's so funny! We have gone through phases like that too, where we are all about the poop. A couple of years ago when my daughter was 5, every joke had a punchline about poop, and whenever we took pictures, we would say, "Say poopy toilet!" to get the kids to laugh.

Sungold said...

This actually started out with the Tiger singing his song while sitting on the toilet ... I'm not sure they ever entirely grow out of this phase, though they may graduate to fart jokes. :-)

Carla said...


I am particularly susceptible to "earworms," or what I've heard called "cognitive itch." Musicians appear to be more vulnerable to the phenomenon, I've read. So I should've known better than to click on the song! Especially having already read the sing-songy lyrics. So it will be all my fault when it is in the background of my brain for the rest of the day! Nonetheless, cute song. In fact, adorable. Good thing, since it'll be in heavy rotation.

Sungold said...

Believe it or not, I'm getting this in stereo. It keeps running through my head. Plus the Tiger continues to sing it out loud - as does his brother. I'm hoping for a new composition one of these days ...