Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Liberals Fought against More Regulation"

Oooh. Maybe I slept through politics from the start of the Reagan era?

I'm trying to catch up on my much-neglected TV watching, and in the midst of House, this ad appeared. Its jaw-dropping line: "Congressional liberals fought for risky subprime loans. Congressional liberals fought against more regulation."

Um, yeah. You know those liberals: They're un-American because they hate big government!

Up is down; socialism is capitalism; misogyny is feminism. Oh - and Orwellian is the new Straight Talk Express.

(Now I'm going to finish watching House, where at least the lies all get exposed by the end of the episode.)


Lisa said...

This ad elicited a "huh?" from me, too.

Sungold said...

I think it just shows how incoherent and frankly desperate the McCain campaign has become. I mean their tactics, not their positions. They're far enough behind that they're throwing everything at the wall and hoping something, anything, will stick.