Monday, October 27, 2008

Vlad and Boris Romance the Bering Strait

I'm due to lighten up after the last couple of posts. On top of that, I got my eyes dilated at the ophthalmologist today, so I spent much of the day with lots of trippy visual disturbances. This is not at all the same trippy fun. I had a close encounter with a University Administrator of the most hidebound variety this afternoon, and it was very hard to take her seriously while my pupils kept trying to focus somewhere between the office window and, oh, Jupiter.

(This is probably why the most hallucinogenic thing I do these days is overdose on coffee. Hmm. Did that today, too, in a totally ill-advised effort to still my pupils.)

Anyway, since I still can't clearly focus on the screen, here's a video clip that one of my husband's grad students passed on to him. It's tasteless and funny (in a sort of PG-rated Borat vein).

Can anyone tell me where Vlad and Boris really filmed this? I don't think it was either Russia or America. Any theories?


Radar1961 said...
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Radar1961 said...

AWESOME! Tasteless and funny, indeed!

Thank you for sharing. I could not stop giggling throughout the entire video.

You are an intelligent woman with a sense of humor.

Dosvidania ^_^

Sungold said...

Thanks, Radar! I'm glad you stopped by and commented. And I'll eat up any compliment you toss my way. :-)

Still wondering, though, where this clip was filmed. The window sills are too think for anywhere in North American, IMHO.

Sugarmag said...

Hmmm. I'm trying to articulate what I think about this video, I find it a little bit offensive because it is all about Sarah Palin as sex object rather than vice presidential candidate which is pretty sexist. On the other hand, her message seems to be, "Vote for me because I'm cute" which makes it difficult for me to take her seriously, never mind that I disagree with her on pretty much everything. Does a serious candidate wink during a debate? Shirley Chisholm never winked!

Sungold said...

Sugarmag, I'd have an issue with the video portraying her as a sex object if I thought that's what was really happening. (I could do without the photoshopped Palin-in-a-bikini, for instance.)

But I think the video pokes fun at the GOP's *marketing* of her as a sex object. It spoofs the idea that guys ought to be drooling over her. It spoofs the guys who *are* actually doing just that. I've seen more than one news story in which men (usually sixty-ish) mention how much they'd like to do Palin. This just makes me go "eeeew" (why do they think she'd *ever* entertain the thought??) but I'm sure that's just what GOP strategists had in mind.

And yeah, I'm not sure Shirley Chisholm would even wink in private ...

Sugarmag said...

Oh yeah you're right about that Sungold, I think I totally misunderstood the video. It is so weird how popular she is among men, it's bizarre. Gross.

Sungold said...

Luckily, most of the men I know think that her politics totally neutralize her sex appeal. They say sure, she'd good looking, but that's where it ends.