Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some People Are Just Jealous 'Cause No Princess Will Have Them

Seriously, are Pepperdine University professors worried that no girl will be interested in them if she can get hot princess-on-princess action instead? Ewww!

I have only one nice thing to say about this hateful ad for Proposition 8 in California (the one that would ban same-sex marriage): I am so amazed, and heartened, that my mom is the person who alerted me to it. Indignantly. While informing me that she's happy to be the wedding helper at her church as it conducts its first-ever same-sex ceremony.

The two brides have been together for 35 years, and they're rushing to marry - for the second time, following a Canadian ceremony - before California voters have a chance to shut down the option. Yes, they're sort of past the princess stage. It's still the most romantic story I've heard in ages.

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