Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This Is What a Real Snow Day Looks Like

After all my snark about our unnecessary snow days, we got a real one today, with five or six inches of snow and more still falling.

Marring the view in the foreground are my ratty tomato cages, still up from last summer. I'd like to say I left them there on purpose, a promise of summer's bounty even in frozen February. But if they hold any deeper truth, it's as a symbol of my chaotic life.

The kids will pay for their pleasure with a make-up day in June. There's no doubt an abstemious lesson to be learned from that, but you know, I'd just rather not.


Anonymous said...

HA! Call me when you hit three feet. I lived in Buffalo for three years, and believe me, it wasn't a snow day until you went to bed with no snow, and woke up with ten feet. We got five feet overnight once and did they cancel school? NO! lol

Sungold said...

Yes, you scoff - and rightly so. I grew up in North Dakota, and we always pitied Buffalo for its snow. Then, when I was in grad school, I dated a native Buffalonian for a couple years and came to realize that he and his compatriots took a certain masochistic pride in just what you describe. :-)

I'll admit I'm not terribly impressed by six inches of snow, either. It's just a heck of a lot deeper than our usual two millimeters.