Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh, the Chaos in Ohio!

Edward Foley has a smart and perceptive analysis of Ohio's potential voting problems on March 4 up on Alternet. I encourage any of you who plan to vote in the Ohio primary - or anyone who fears that as Ohio goes, so goes the nation - to read Foley's piece. My modest contribution is an oh-so-clever mnemonic that sums up his points:

C - Confusion and inequalities at the polling places

H - High rates of provisional voting

A - Absentee voting leading to irregularities

O - Optical-scan ballots in Cuyahoga County potentially going missing in transit to the centralized locations where they're to be read

S - Shortages of voting machines or ballots leading to disenfranchisement

Read it vertically, and you've got what we can expect on March 4. Yay for democracy, Ohio-style.

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