Monday, February 4, 2008

Obama Meets Bob the Builder

When I first heard Barack Obama's "Yes we can!" slogan, all I could think was
Bob the Builder: Can we do it?"
Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley, and the ever-whiney Lofty: "Yes we CAN!"
But this video gave it a whole 'nother connotation for me. Funny what a little music and rhythm can do.

Actually, the video suggests that part of what's so compelling about Obama as a rhetorician is that you can, in fact, lay a rhythm track under him and dance to it.

Yep, I'm getting soft and sentimental in my old age, falling for this claptrap about hope and change. But watch it anyway, and get foolish and dewy-eyed with me.

Bob the Builder image from the official Lego site, but also available in deconstructed form on my living room floor.


Sugarmag said...

love it! I am dewy eyed, too. Everyone I know is sending me this video today.

Sungold said...

Are you voting today? Here in Ohio we don't go until March 4. If it's still undecided then, I'll have to vote absentee from the looney bin, because I will have had a nervous breakdown.

Sugarmag said...

The Illinois primary was today. I really hope that there is a clear winner before the convention.

Sungold said...

I was glad to see that Obama did so well in his home state. Not that he could afford to do poorly!