Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can We Do It? No We Can't!

A few days ago, I made the link between Barack Obama's "Yes we can" chant and the key catchphrase-cum-moral-lesson from Bob the Builder. It's an obvious association for any parent brain-damaged by too much kids' TV. (So far, the combo of "Bob the Builder" and "Obama" has been the most frequently-searched terms leading to my blog. Maybe that ought to give me pause ...)

Anyway, Bob the Builder featured a terminally negative mobile crane called Lofty, whose motto - never stated - might as well have been "No we can't."

I think we've found the Lofty candidate in this election cycle, showcased here in the bookend to the Obama "Yes we can" video. (Thanks to Rence for pointing me to the video, which y'all have probably seen by now. I'm not exactly on the bleeding edge.)

Lofty Lego image from Amazon.uk.

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