Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good V-Day Vibes in Texas

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a federal appeals court has overturned the ban on selling sex toys in the state of Texas.

Seems like there ought to be some sizable niche markets in Texas. I'm imagining a vibrating longhorn? Real Dolls dressed as Dallas cheerleaders? Or for BDSM cowboys and cowgirls, perhaps some rope to lasso your filly or stallion?

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals followed the reasoning in Lawrence v. Texas, which held state prohibitions of homosexuality to be unconstitutional. What people do consensually in the privacy of their own home, the judges wrote in their opinion, is not a matter of public morality and thus outside the scope of the law.

One of the two remaining states with similar bans is Mississippi, whose law was presumably invalidated by yesterday's ruling because it's within the 5th Circuit - unlike Alabama, whose sex-toy ban is also being contested in the courts.

As one of my students said in class today (with much glee and dry wit): Happy vajayjay day! Indeed it is, for the gals in Texas.

(And yeah, vajayjay is such an absurd term.)

LOLcat by Flicker user Last NYC Hero, used under a Creative Commons license.


Anonymous said...

How can an entire state go without sex toys!? That is crazy talk.

As I've heard before, many, many, times, Only in Texas. :)

Oh, and I kid you not, that the word verification for this comment is "udder". lol

Sungold said...

Udder??!! I'd like to claim that I planned it that way. :-)

Well, I *wish* it were only in Texas. Alabama is actually more hardcore about it, and their law still stands.

Thank goodness for the Internet and plain brown wrappers.

Blue Gal said...

NO. Not only in Texas. Alabama too. Google Alabama Sex Toys.

Sungold said...

Oh goodness, I would never say "only in Texas," Blue Gal. Isn't that partly how the Current Occupant "won" in 2000 - complacency that the rest of the country would never support such an obvious fool? And look where that got us.

Here's hoping the Alabama ban will fall soon, too.

M.Yu said...

It took almost 4 years in courts and years of trying but they finally did it.
The power of sex industry money is substantial at times.

Now the battery companies are dancing in the streets!

Sungold said...

Thanks for stopping by, M.Yu. Nice to see great minds think alike. :-)

If we'd seen this coming, we could've bought stock in Energizer.