Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cheney = Gandhi Redux?

A few days ago on the Today Show, Pat Buchanan stated that if elected President, John McCain "will make Cheney look like Gandhi." Every once in a while Buchanan is such an unfiltered loony that I have to think he knows something we don't.

Maybe he was channeling fellow wingnut John Bolton, who later in the week endorsed McCain because McCain's approach to Iran promises to be more "robust" than Bush's has been? (In Bolton's version of Newspeak, "robust" translates into "bombs away.")

Watch the video and quake. The money quote comes at the end. Let's hope we'll never see Cheney barefoot and humble.

Video via Think Progress.


ThePoliticalCat said...

I would love to see Cheney barefoot and poverty-stricken. I doubt he has the spiritual capacity to be humble, though. Humbled will do, for me.

Sugarmag said...

I do like what McCain said about torture though and of the Republican candidates, he seems the best choice. I don't believe anything Pat Buchanon says-in general, I don't think he's just mistaken, he's a liar.

Sungold said...

We'll literally see Cheney barefoot, poor, and humbled only 1) if there's an afterlife 2) ruled over by a vengeful god 3) who sends Cheney to the hell he deserves (which would look a little like Baghdad outside the green zone). Those are three unlikely conditions listed in order of increasing improbability.

Buchanan a liar? How can you say that? He worked for Nixon and if that's not a guarantee of honesty ...