Sunday, November 23, 2008

Garden Timing: Snow Easy Feat

I love my garden. I love digging in the dirt. And yet I'm a terrible gardener when it comes to timing. I can never get it right.

So this afternoon found me digging through snow in front of the house, frantically trying to plant a slew of tulip and daffodil bulbs before the ground freezes solid.

Sure, there are reasons for my bad timing. I had to get Obama elected (singlehandedly!!), then had to wait until my back felt better, then had to finish the end-of-term grading. Even today, I was rushing rushing rushing before the sun went down and my assistant (the Tiger) lost patience - both of which, predictably, happened toward the end.

And yet, I got 200 bulbs in the ground. Not well. Not deep. But they're in. Tomorrow, more snow is supposed to fall.

I'm pretty sure that's an unsubtle metaphor for how I manage my life.

And now we wait and hope for a reprise of last spring's glory.

All photos courtesy of my garden porn collection. Today's bulbs went into new beds; I'm hoping that these tulips - photographed in April 2008 in front of my house - might return for a third year.


sugar mag said...

Wow 200 bulbs! You are doing better than me, I have not planted any. I did however finally manage to get my car into the garage yesterday and that was a victory for me. No scraping ice off my windows this winter. Nice pictures, Sungold.

Sungold said...

Yuck - cleaning the garage is a heckuva lot more onerous.

My thigh muscles are totally sore from the kneeling the squatting and digging. I *think* that's probably healthy. :-)

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I think the main reason for this post was to give me an excuse to browse back through some spring pictures.