Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back in Trouble Again

Image by Flickr user _underscore, used under a Creative Commons license.

My back flared up today, though not as colorfully as this illustration. The picture does show the state I'm in: laid out, drugged out, and thoroughly sluggish. ("Snailish" doesn't quite work, does it?)

Earlier today I had a few moments where the pain hit eleven on my personal scale. Unluckily, I was in the shower when that happened and had a heck of a time getting out without falling.

The trigger this time? Shaving my legs. Which I suppose tells us that shaving is stupid and unnecessary. I'm an old Deadhead with feminist proclivities, so why do I bother? Still I persist.

I'm doing considerably better by now - no longer in agony, just groggy and stupid and discouraged. Real blogging will resume once my synapses stop misfiring.


John Pine said...

Read John Sarno's 'Healing Back Pain'. As an ex-medic I could not believe that reading a book could have an immediate physical effect: but I tell you, it does.

Sungold said...

Hi John. I will look for the title. Are you saying that I only have to read it and not do any exercises? Because as we all know, I'm very good at reading - not so great about exercise. :-)

John Pine said...

That's it! No exercises, just reading.

Sungold said...

Wow. That sounds like a program even I could stick with. Thanks!