Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coming in for a Chaotic Landing

I've got a heap of essays to grade before my last classes of the quarter meet tomorrow. In the midst of my work chaos, here's the state of my living room floor:

It's covered with helipads, in case that wasn't abundantly clear. The Bear got a little remote controlled helicopter for his birthday. He created one paper landing pad for it. The Tiger decided that a dozen or so landing pads would be even cooler. (There are also locations in the dining room, the kitchen, at the foot of the stairs ...)

At least glitter glue is not a featured product in these helipads.

Most of the pads are pretty simple. Some feature an H, sometimes with a circle/slash around it, which I guess means that they're anti-landing pads.

Here are a few of the fancier ones.

This one bears some resemblance to an animal or maybe an egg.

I'm not entirely sure if these are teeth or mountains. Either way, as a landing pad it looks rather perilous. Note the abundance of Scotch tape, which at least ensures it won't slip as you touch down.

This one strikes me as pure Paul Klee.

Now it's back to my essays. It's going to be a very long and late night. But the academic quarter is mercifully close to its end, and however rough the ride, I am coming in for a landing.


Henry said...

Good luck on your work. I know it's bad timing but ... I have tagged you. It's all The Political Cat's fault.

The Madame's birthday was the 11th, Veteran's Day. Pass along a hug to your little fellow Scorpio and gifted artist.

Smirking Cat said...

He flies the helicopter in the house? One of my first questions when debating a new toy is "Can they likely break something in the house with it?" Of course, the answer, 99.9% of the time, is a resounding yes...

Sungold said...

Henry - I will see if I can work up the oomph. Right now, I just want to sink into a feline sleep schedule ... Happy birthday to Carla. It's actually my older son, the Bear, who shares her star-sign. The Tiger was born in June.

Smirking Cat - This is a very very small helicopter, almost more a mechanical dragonfly. Plus our house is decorated in a combination of Scandinavian Lego and Modern American Trade Paperback. Even so, I'm not keen on balls being kicked or *anything* being thrown, not least because it usually strikes the sibling sooner or later. Small as it is, the 'copter wss actually a Mama-frightening device until the Bear learned how to control it properly with the remote.