Saturday, November 22, 2008

End-of-Term Caturday

I just finished grading 400 pages of final exams. Classes don't resume until January. My kids are in school until December 19.

I'm feeling being rich in time and tickled pink about it. Time to prepare for two new classes in winter quarter, write a few less-superficial blog posts, and maybe even strip the wallpaper in the dining room. Oh, and I'm hoping to get some serious sleep too, if the kids allow. (Ha.)

Forget about that half empty/half full silliness. My martini glass is full to the brim - though less wholesomely than this kitty's - complete with two gin-drenched olives.

From I Can Has Cheezburger?


sugar mag said...

Nice! Maybe some afternoon you can lay around and read until you get sleepy and then take a nap. Bliss!

Have you read any TC Boyle? He is a favorite author of a guy I sometimes chat with on a GD forum and he recommended The Inner Circle, which is a fictional account of Kinsey's sex research at a university in the 30s. I am only in the second chapter but it looks promising.

Sungold said...

Oh, I painted my toenails today! Twice! (I totally messed them up the first time with some polish that didn't cover well ... I am so inept at girly-girl stuff.)

Some years ago I was on a panel with an older historian (now deceased, sadly) who was friends with TC Boyle. Ever since I've thought I should check out his stuff. Thanks for a tip on where to start.