Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Up in the Air

I'm about to leave hot, smoky California, so I may miss a day before posting again. (How hot? The air conditioning can't keep up with it. Ohio's surplus of thunderstorms is sounding wonderfully refreshing.)

In the meantime, here's an out-of-season picture from my garden. I guess I'm indulging in wishful thinking about temperatures cool enough to please my fragrant hyacinth.


Smirking Cat said...

Hyacinth are one of my favorite flowers. They are gone so quick, though!

Sugarmag said...

Hi Sungold,
We have had lots of thunderstorms herein Illinois and it's also been hot! I hope the weather is good for you when you get back.

Sungold said...

Smirking Cat, I agree that they don't last long enough. Mine are mostly starting to lose their oomph, so this year's show was rather anemic. I think the bulbs are wearing out and need to be replaced this fall.

Sugar Mag, I came home to a perfect blue sky and no smoke at all. What a change from the toxic 107 degree air I left behind. Luckily my family is nowhere near the actual fires, but I've been thinking today about the poor people in the unfortunately named town of Paradise, who are evacuating for a second time.