Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dog Days Lazy Sunday Blogging

The Smirking Cat has crossed over to the dark side by taking the "What Common Breed of Dog Are You" quiz! And she dragged me along with her. I came out a Labrador, which is sort of funny, because both of my siblings have labs.

The spirit of Grey Kitty is sneering disdainfully at this. She loved her Labrador cousins so dearly, she hid under the nearest bed whenever they came to visit. She should be glad I at least didn't come out a Pomeranian.

If you share your breed of dog in comments, try to keep down the drool and pawprints, please, or GK will be one pissed kitty.


Heather Munro Prescott said...

I'm a boxer - kind of funny since I don't care for this breed.

Sungold said...

My husband had one during his childhood and adored it. So boxers can't be all bad.

And as I said: *Anything* has got to beat being a Pomeranian.