Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hallucinogenic Jet-Lagged Dreams

Jet lag does freaky stuff to your brain. Last night, I dreamed that the Tiger was in first grade (he's really about to start kindergarten) and he had my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Heinle. Everyone in the dream thought this was quite astonishing. And everyone was quite amazed that she'd moved from North Dakota to California just so she could be the Tiger's teacher (never mind that I moved away from California, myself, 20 years ago).

The one thing no one deemed remarkable? That Mrs. Heinle was - a hen. Who looked a lot like this:

Photo by Flickr user Topinambour, used under a Creative Commons license.


Smirking Cat said...

That's great! Have you analyzed this dream, or are you leaving that to us commenters?

Sungold said...

Heh. I thought I'd leave the fun of analysis to you guys - though of course I have a few thoughts of my own.