Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Recipe, Part II: The Tiger's Bunny Birthday Cake

This doesn't really count as a recipe, but it was just as yummy as it was silly - the Tiger's cake to celebrate his fifth birthday.

It's Max the bunny from the "Max and Ruby" books by Rosemary Wells. The cake is chocolate from a mix; the frosting is homemade buttercream with a dash of almond extract. I carved Max out of a 9 x 13 rectangle, basically by cutting away everything that wasn't bunny. The Tiger's daddy did most of the face with a little help from me.

The Tiger likes Max. The Tiger also is Max. That stinker-ish glint in the eye is one we know a little too well.

His actual birthday is still two days from now but we had to celebrate early because I'll be out of town (sniffle). I don't really expect he'll grow out of his mischief between now and then. But I do know that a lot happens in the sixth year of life, and by a year from now, he'll be a whole lot more civilized. I'd better stop now before I get all maudlin about how my baby is about to leave his early childhood behind.


Lynn said...


We love "Max and Ruby" here, and that little sideways look he gets when he is about to make mischief.

My son thinks that Ruby is a bit of a nag, and needs to lighten up.

You know another Max I like? From "Where The Wild Things Are".

Sungold said...

Yeah, I love "Where the Wild Things Are." In college, I lived in a co-op house where an entire hallway was painted in a "wild things" mural. It was *very* fitting for that particular house. :-)

Ruby's nagging, bossy tendencies are the only blight on Max and Ruby. I love the books and the show, too, but I wish it didn't follow the tradition of the girl being the goody two-shoes.