Monday, June 16, 2008

Feminist Blogrolling Bonanza

At the Berkshire Conference this weekend (which was outstanding; more on it later) I got to catch up with one of my grad school compatriots, Heather Munro Prescott, who blogs at Knitting Clio. By happy coincidence, we were even on same panel. I also had the pleasure of meeting Historiann, whose blog I've also been reading since I discovered it a couple months ago. Seeing them both was the kick in the butt I needed to add them both to my blogroll.

And while I was at it, I also added:
  • Sally at Jump off the Bridge, who's got a new-ish blog with a clever mix of feminism and other stuff that tickles her curiosity - not so different from the Kittywampus concept, some to think of it.
  • Lynn Alexander, whose eclectic writing I've enjoyed since she stopped by here a few weeks ago.
  • And Natalia Antonova, who combines entertaining and original insights with the occasional link to "beautiful men" - such as her highlights from the 2008 European soccer championship. (And no, that link won't take you to the handsomest goals.)
Go say hi - and enjoy!


Sally said...

Thanks so much for the blog-love!

I must say your blog's pretty cool too, I've been reading back some posts. I added you to my google reader and blogroll as well!

(I'm also adding LibraryThing and have joined the progressive women bloggers ring as inspired by your blog!)

Sungold said...

Thanks back at you, Sally!

I'm not sure if the progressive women's ring is still functioning. Neither my blog nor yours appears there when I try to look at the newest additions, though there are lots of blogs that seem to be inactive. Oh well.

Sally said...

Hmm that kinda sucks about the ring not being active. Oh well, won't stop me from representing the ring. =)

Erica said...

Nice. I'll definetly check those blogs out. I've recently started a feminist blog (its focus is more on pop-culture and the 3rd-wave) that maybe, MAYBE, if you feel like and absolutely nothing else to do and are feeling somewhat gracious you could, oh, i dont know...check it out and let me know what you think?

Sungold said...

Erica, I like what you're doing so far with "On the Rag" - and if you keep it up for a bit longer I'll be happy to add you to my blogroll. (I'd prefer to wait until people have a track record of a month or two - does that sound OK with you?)