Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flakiness Alert

My little globetrotter self is off on another trip, this time just for fun. I'll be visiting family in Northern California for the next two weeks. I'll try to post when I can; I still have lots to say about all the thoughts swirling in my head after my last conference. But if I go a day or two without posts, just know it's because my mom's house is equipped with a dialup connection of the sort we all enjoyed back in 1999.

In the meantime, enjoy my giant allium, which finished blooming a couple of weeks ago already.


Smirking Cat said...

I'm jealous of your flower pictures, but I too shall soon have a yard in which to garden! Flower duel, maybe? (I can't wait to dig in and start my flower bed!)

Sungold said...

You're on! Get a few flowers blooming and let the duel begin. :-)

This is going to be a great thing for you. I'm so glad! I've been bowled away by how much I enjoy growing things; I never thought I could until I had a house and a yard and just decided to give it a whirl.