Thursday, June 26, 2008

McCain on His Wife Cindy: Rhymes with Punt

I wasn't going to post this because I thought it's redundant. I believed everyone I know had already heard about the misogynist slur Senator McCain spewed - years ago - not against a female political opponent but against his own wife. In public. After Cindy McCain's wealth financed his budding political career.

How wrong I was. Although such blogtopic luminaries as The Political Cat have reported on this story, not a single one of my colleagues had heard about it. Nor had my mate.

And so I am going to breach the usual standard of Kittywampus decorum (low as that standard may be) and post a really rude (but searingly funny) video on what McCain thinks of his wife. Or at least how he speaks of her. (Did I mention this was in public? In front of reporters?)

First he called her a trollop for wearing too much makeup. And then he called her ... well, watch the video:

Yeah, it rhymes with "punt," Which is what McCain would've done here with his political career, if he weren't a conservative and thus above moral reproach, by definition, no matter what he actually does.

I'm all for reclaiming and defanging nasty words. Somehow, I don't think that was McCain's intent. This story needs to reach every woman who's even flirted with voting for McCain.

And y'know, it's not just the misogyny that troubles me. It's the lack of self-control. It's the inability to edit one's public ejaculations. What if the next woman he graces with a similar epithet is not Cindy McCain but, say, Angela Merkel?

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