Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year "Resolute" Went out of Style

One of the things I really, really hated about George Dubya Bush was his abuse of the word "resolute." It was just code for "I don't like to think anyway, and so I'm just gonna turn of my brain now, kthx bai."

Also, I've never been a New Year's resolutions kind of gal. So I'd like to proclaim 2009 a year for being irresolute.

Irresolute kitteh from I Can Has Cheezburger?

Then again, I've had the privilege of a pretty wonderful 2008. I've noticed that a lot of blogs are ringing out 2008 as if it were mostly a disaster. Yeah, the economy tanked, and I too am alarmed at how bad things still might become. But politically, 2008 marked the end of the Dubya era. For that, I think we can all be grateful, no matter how irresolute we may be.

And personally, I had a very good year indeed, after a string of years that were very hard on the people I love. My husband's health is improving rather than declining. Without going into TMI, good things have happened in my marriage over the past year. Myself, I'm actually in better shape, physically, than I was a year ago, thanks to time spent on my bike. I even lost some weight, though for all the wrong reasons.

My kids still quarrel, whine, and talk back too much, but it's improving month by month as the light of reason slowly dawns upon the Tiger. The Bear is almost always a pleasure to be around. The Tiger ... well, he's lucky he can still rely on little-kid cuteness.

Professionally, I don't know where I'll be in eight months, but for now I still have a "real" job with health insurance. A year ago, I couldn't have said that. The latest round of cuts to the Ohio state budget spared higher ed, giving reason to hope my job might be spared, contrary to what I'd heard over the past month.

Is this starting to sound like Thanksgiving minus the turkey?

So if resolutions are in order for me, it's to try to stay on the same path, however irresolutely, and to appreciate the goodness of Now. Here's wishing you an equal measure of blessings in the year ahead.

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