Friday, January 2, 2009

Grey Kitty, in Memoriam

Seven years ago today I lost Grey Kitty, patron cat of this blog. She was 15 3/4 years old and had been sick with apparent lymphoma for several months. One unfortunate thing about adopting a stray is that her birthdate remains a secret (best guess: somewhere in early April 1985) and so the only solid date for commemoration is the day of her death. It makes me sad to think of those last weeks, so instead I'll just post a picture of her taken in her prime, circa 1997.

Grey Kitty was sweet, bitchy, affectionate, neurotic, snuggly, funny, clumsy, and very very prone to hairballs. In other words - a truly excellent cat.


Sugarmag said...

Oh. I'm sorry about your cat, Sungold. She was beautiful.

Sungold said...

Thanks, Sugarmag! It's been a long time, but I still miss her. It probably doesn't help that I'm still catless.

GK was a pretty kitty, all right. Well, she did have a saggy, floppy belly, but in this photo she's posed cleverly to look glamorous anyway. :-)

Carla said...

I, too, sometimes have to commemorate deaths. We have a couple of strays whose birthdays are unknown. Henry might be as old as 14. If the estimates were right, our late dog, Watson, was 17 when he passed. It is difficult to look back to the end of days of a terminally ill pet, so I sympathize with you. I try to think of all the good times, but sometimes a teeny bad thought gets past the gate.

I can't imagine how much you must miss GK, especially not having any cats anymore. We have five, so the door to the Kennel for Wayward Cats is closed (though I guess there's room in the crawl space).

Sungold said...

Thanks, Carla. Watson made it far for a dog, didn't he, but it's still hard when they're gone.

I know that Henry is "not a spring roll anymore" (as my German-born husband once memorably, endearingly said) - even if Henry is still full of piss, vinegar, snark, and purrs. Henry, if you're listening in, I hope you don't mind that characterization!

Oh, I was so tempted to bring a kitten home two days before Christmas - if it weren't for my husband's allergies, it might well have happened. I met these furbabies after an unaccustomed liquid lunch, and I just *melted.*