Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Silliness: Manamana

For about the past month, my kids have been utterly obsessed with the Muppet Show. They are turning into miniature YouTube addicts. (In contrast to the rest of us, who are full-blown addicts by now.) This is the clip that started it all - their gateway drug, you might say. I have to admit it is very funny, especially the cows' mouths, even though I've now heard it, oh, a hundred times or so.


Sugarmag said...

Hi Sungold, I thought I commented on this before but I guess I didn't, I have trouble with those word verification dealies. Anyway...we love the Muppets. Netflix has old episodes so we've watched it a lot. Ok, now I am going to dig in to some of the more substantial stuff on your blog from the last few days...

Sungold said...

Ha. I *did* delete a comment on this post but its topic was the Gaza bombardment. The person who left it had an Arabic name without any evident Grateful Dead reference, I assume that wasn't you!

Our local video store has some of the old Muppets and if you rent a grownup movie, you get to pick two free kid items.

As for my blog lately ... I'm taking a deep breath and recentering myself. I'm not interested in blog wars, and I have no desire to alienate someone who ought to be an ally. At the same time, I don't want to be grossly misrepresented or even defamed. Anyway, there was some good discussion for a while until things went off the rails. I learned a lesson, and that is not to get polemical about anyone involved on either side of the online Sex Wars unless you want to deal with not just polemic but distortions in return.

Not gonna say anymore here because I want to let things simmer down. You'll be the judge of what's fair, anyhow.