Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Mother of All Long Weekends

My county and the neighboring one have been under a state of emergency for the past couple of days, following the ice storm. Many people in my town still don't have power; today is day four for them. Some are now out of water, too, presumably because the pumps won't run without electricity. The motels are full. The Red Cross has set up a shelter in the city's rec center.

My little family and our immediate neighbors luckily all still have power, water, heat, and plenty of food. Our only affliction is that my kids' school has now burned through every last snow day, plus all of their disposable three-day weekends. We were out of school all last week (and I'm betting the district now regrets calling off Monday for a mere smattering of flakes). If we have another snow day, they'll be going into summer.

But the kids live so fully in the present, they're unfazed. The Bear's comment: "Mama, we're having a nine-day weekend!"

Naturally, there's snow in the forecast for Monday.

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