Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When You're Up to Your Neck in Effluvia ...

I need some cheering up after yet another sewage backup (the fourth in a year, the second in ten days). Cleaning up puke and sewage within a six-hour span? What did I do to provoke such karma?!?

The city workers who came out tonight promised to dig up the street in search of the problem, and they went so far as to spray-paint a big fat X where the pavement will be breached. I'm hopeful that they'll find the problem. In the meantime, the water has receded and the house reeks blessedly of bleach. I'd trade in for a new epidermis if possible, after that cleaning job, but I'll settle for smelling like a mix of mango body wash and Chanel No. 5. Oh, and the methane appears to have blasted my sinuses clear. I wouldn't recommend it as a remedy; try saline first.

Anyway, back to cheering up. While home sick from school this week, my kids have been enjoying DVDs of the old Muppet Show. This was their new favorite today: a wacky vegetable chorus from an episode hosted by (a now very young) Steve Martin:


J.B. Kochanie said...

I need some cheering up after yet another sewage backup (the fourth in a year, the second in ten days).

I don't know if this will cheer you up, but yesterday I went to the site of the Bloggers Choice Awards to nominate you for the Hottest Mommy Blogger. To my chagrin, I found that voting had been closed. I won't repeat the scatological curse I uttered when I realized that I missed the deadline, since you've been cleaning up that sort of thing too often.

While this comment is a poor consolation prize, believe me when I say that I admire your ability to write such insightful and thoroughly researched posts on a daily basis.

Please make sure you have some fresh air ventilation when you are using the bleach in Grendel's wading pond (aka as your basement). When our basement flooded, I was ill for two days after I inadvertently inhaled the fumes from the bleach and hot water. Ugh!

Sungold said...

Are you kidding? Of *course* that cheers me. You are so kind, Kochanie.

I don't think voting has actually closed. When I last went there, they had a button that said something like "voting has ended for 2008," but it's deceptive because the reference was to voting for the 2008 awards, and it's the 2009 awards that are now up for grabs. Once I figured that out, I cast a vote for a couple other blogs that weren't yours and figleaf's.

I would love to see figleaf get that award but don't know how to "get out the vote." There are surely dozens of people who like his photos and/or writing enough that they should bestir themselves and cast a vote. The leading two blogs, last I checked, were neither hot nor especially daddy-ish. Any ideas on how to drum up support?

Finally, point well taken on the bleach. I have felt lousy after both recent cleanups and I attributed it to the gases, but I'm sure the bleach didn't help. :-(

J.B. Kochanie said...


Thanks for the information about the 2009 voting. Hopefully I can still submit a nomination.

As for figleaf's blog (and it is his blog, not mine, for my contribution is small in comparison to his time and effort), I'm considering a separate post concerning the award.

Sungold said...

I do know it's mainly figleaf's baby. Still, I always enjoy your posts. They give a different perspective and a change of pace.

I think a separate post would be great. I don't expect him to toot his own horn beyond what he's done; that's so not his style. Which is just one reason why I'd like to see him get the award. I also think it would really please him. But mostly, he plain deserves it.