Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still Life with Fruit (and Vegetables, and Bread ...)

Apart from a few woeful pansies and the Silver Tidal Wave petunias that just won't die, my flowers are now out of season. I'm bereft of fresh garden porn. But in a before-and-after sorta way, I'm almost equally inspired by food photography, which is fresh year 'round. And now, via Benjamin Cohen of Science Blogs, I've discovered that a British artist, Carl Warner, combines both genres.

But is it art?

Whatever - it's very trippy. This garlic-scape looks as though Alice and the White Rabbit ought to be skulking through it ...

... and this might be where they landed when Alice went down the rabbit-hole. Note the carrot stalactites.

This valley appears to be an edible version of Yosemite. Instead of Half Dome, maybe it's Half Loaf?

And this fruity balloonscape makes me think of the opening sequence from Ian McEwan's Enduring Love - minus the catastrophe.

All images nicked from Carl Warner's gallery at The Telegraph (UK); go there and to Warner's website for more.

The last photo is an especially striking illustration of the point Benjamin Cohen makes: that food is used to depict the growing of other food. Kind of twisted, and kind of cool.

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