Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Tail of Two Tigers

What to do when the kids are burbling with post-Christmas energy and turning the house into a zoo? My little Tiger, in particular, has been bouncing off the walls, acting silly and obviously craving the company of his own kind. Frustratingly, nearly all of his friends are still out of town for the holiday.

And so yesterday we packed these bouncy, giggly kids into the car and drove to Columbus. If you're running a zoo, you might as well take it literally. If my Tiger couldn't be with his friends, at least he could visit his namesakes.

Here's the tiger's best pussycat imitation ...

... and proof he was just faking it.

"I can has cheezburger?" (Or is that a childburger? He was looking straight at us!)

Thanks to weirdly warm temperatures of almost 70 degrees, the flamingos made a rare winter appearance.

I'd never seen the koala awake before yesterday (they sleep 22 hours a day), but apparently he too warmed up enough to scootch slowly, slowly toward his eucalyptus leaves.

The tree kangaroo was nearly as sleepy and slothful as the koala, and just as furry.

This gorilla was looking after a baby who made me very grateful for my own kids' comparatively good behavior. Her little charge was smearing something on the window that looked suspiciously like poop.

The Columbus Zoo does a holiday light show, Wildlights, which drew so many visitors yesterday that traffic was backed up for miles in both directions when we headed home. A photo can only hint at how many lights there were (millions, I think) and how beautiful they are when you see them "by real," as the Tiger would say.

On the drive home, the Tiger fell asleep, all his silliness and wildness now just a shimmer of a dream.

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