Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sungold the Sexpert - Or Not?

So the matchmaking site OK Cupid has spun off their amusing test-taking section - a clever move for reaching those of us who aren't looking for a new relationship, don't subscribe to Cosmo, but still enjoy taking silly quizzes.

Silly, yes. But I'm still chagrined that I took their "Ultimate Sex IQ Test" and got this result:


92% points on Sexual Knowledge! You know your shit.

Sexpert: Way to freakin' go! You know just about all there is to know about sex. You've got the lingo, the positions, the health, the relationship, and biological aspects down. I just hope you're putting it all to good use! Keep up the good work by keeping yourself safe, healthy, and sharing your superior sexual knowledge with others.

Take Ultimate Sex IQ Test at HelloQuizzy

Okay. According to the site's oh-so-scientific analysis, my score was higher than 98% of my peers.

That's cold consolation, in my book. I took the silly thing three times to see if I could figure out which question I'd missed. I mean, this was not a test of skill or allure. It was pure book learnin'. Stuff like whether you can get pregnant the first time you have sex.

HelloQuizzy offers oodles of personality tests, too. But I have a strong suspicion that my reaction to getting less than 100% on this silly quiz tells you all you need to know about my personality flaws.

Nonetheless: If you take this quiz and get 100%, maybe you can set me straight?

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