Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Such a Quick Study after All

When Sarah Palin was first chosen as the Republican VP pick, I wasn't exactly easy on her, but I did give her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her intelligence. I still think she must have some degree of political savvy, or she wouldn't have captured the governorship. I'm also fed up with the assumption that a pretty woman can't be smart, too.

As for the rest? If you saw her Katie Couric interviews last week, you'll forgive me for saying I just don't think Palin is very sharp. She repeats phrases almost meaninglessly, as if they were popping out of a Random Talking Points Generator. I'm getting nostalgic for Dan Quayle. (Glenn Greenwald came to the same conclusion a few days ago, though more elegantly.)

No wonder the McCain camp was desperately trying to postpone the vice presidential debates.

Yet another scary thing about Palin's Couric interview: It barely needed to be tweaked for Tina Fey to lampoon it ferociously. (If you still need evidence that beauty doesn't rule out brains, Tina Fey would be Exhibit A.) Enjoy ... and then go back and view excerpts from the originals.


Sugarmag said...

Oh my gosh that video was hilarious!

Laura said...

Same here - initially gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking that like so many women she's underestimated. I didn't catch the interviews so I appreciate the assessment.

But W is/was terrible with words, and (to my astonishment and dismay) he was said to have "won" two of his three debates with Gore. But that was then, and this is now.

Sungold said...

Glad you enjoyed, Sugar Mag. And I got a kick out of your new avatar.

Laura, if you didn't catch the original interviews, the most relevant portions are on my blog, about two posts down. (I didn't see them on TV, just on the web.)

You're right: except we'd better not *misunderestimate* her. :-)

Laura said...

Delayed reaction: Saw the clips.Ug.

Sungold said...

And now let's see what she does with the debate Thursday night. Yikes.