Friday, January 18, 2008

Tweety in Twouble

Heh heh. Under public pressure, Chris "Tweety" Matthews has had to apologize for his long record of making sexist comments on the air. Except that he didn't really address anything besides his attributing Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire victory to the halo of victimhood she gained during the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. And he didn't really apologize so much as admit that sometimes he doesn't word things well in the heat of the broadcast moment. And besides, if he had to worry about political correctness he couldn't say anything interesting - or so he says, and who am I to argue with that?

You might call it a mea kinda sorta culpa.

Media Matters, which led the campaign protesting Matthews' on-camera sexism, has the transcript and video; watch and wince. Feministing and Broadsheet both have sharp, skeptical analyses.

Considering the sheer number of his sexist slip-ups, I too am skeptical of his capacity for reform. I'd put him on double-secret probation, if I were one of his viewers, which I'm not unless I'm trapped in an airport terminal with CNN blaring. (I just don't gracefully tolerate being yelled at.)

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