Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stereotype-Busting .. or Busted by a Stereotype?

There seems to be a quiet conspiracy afoot in this world. No, not terrorists; not even the vast right wing (which is in too much disarray these days to conspire effectively, anyway).

This conspiracy involves the technology in each classroom where I've taught. It's guaranteed to crap out at the most embarrassing moment possible.

Today, it was the sound system attached the computer I wanted to use to play a YouTube clip of Helen Reddy from 1972. I'd just given a lengthy lecture on the history of feminism in America and wanted to wake my students up again.

"I am woman, hear me roar." NOT. I could barely get a hiss out of the speakers.

So, I made it all the way to Day 2 of my Intro to Women's Studies course before managing to re-confirm one of the hoariest old stereotypes: Girls don't have a clue about technology! Especially computers! Eek!

I suppose it could've been more embarrassing yet. I could've sung the whole song and revealed that I still know all the lyrics.

Tomorrow, I'll call the dudes who are paid to fix such things - and in my dealings with them to date, they have always been dudes, nary a dudette among them.

I'd like to include the Helen Reddy clip here, but - irony upon irony - YouTube won't let me do it. Like I said, it's a conspiracy. So if you want to get empowered, you gotta go here.


Sugarmag said...

oh, the irony! I am sure it is faulty equipment, probably a short in a wire or something that needs replacing. Not something that could have been fixed right then.

Sungold said...

Thanks, Sugar Mag. I'm sure that's exactly what it was.

My brain's been known to have a short in its wiring, on occasion. But this wasn't one of those occasions.