Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not April Fools: Kittywampus Is Moving

So, dear and faithful readers, please follow me over to
or just click here. If you've subscribed to the Kitty, you can set up a new subscription there - and I hope you will! The old subscription will no longer work.

If you've been so kind as to blogroll me, could you please update my URL?

Comments have been turned off on my posts here, but the new site has all my archives. I'll keep these posts up on Blogger as well because some of my oldies still get hits.

I'd like to say the move is to celebrate the advent of spring but that's not the whole reason. I want control over a few features that Wordpress offers and Blogger does not. There's also another layer of explanation that I'm reluctant to go into here, which is related to the hazards of "blogging while feminist," to swipe Plain(s)feminist's eloquent phrase. If you're a regular reader and want the backstory, please email me.

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