Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have an interview tomorrow for the job I mentioned a few weeks ago. Yes, I should have told y'all that I got an interview, but I'm afraid of jinxing myself. And no, I still don't believe in demons, but my oh my, can I be superstitious. I'll be okay, whatever happens, but still I'm nervous. The last real, formal job interview I had was in 1987, I think.

In case I've tempted the gods - or satan's own hosts! - here's a propitiatory offering in two parts. The iris is the sexiest thing I've captured yet in my garden (click for the full-sized version). The poem is by Robert Hass from Praise, my favorite book of poetry, ever.

Like Three Fair Branches
From One Root Deriv’d

I am outside a door and inside
the words do not fumble
as I fumble saying this.
It is the same in the dream
where I touch you. Notice
in this poem the thinning out
of particulars. The gate
with the three snakes is burning,
symbolically, which doesn’t mean
the flames can’t hurt you.
Now it is the pubic arch instead
and smells of oils and driftwood,
of our bodies working very hard
at pleasure but they are not
thinking about us. Bless them,
it is not a small thing to be
happily occupied, go by them
on tiptoe. Now the gate is marble
and the snakes are graces.
You are the figure in the center.
On the left you are going away
from yourself. On the right
you are coming back. Meanwhile
we are passing through the gate
with everything we love. We go
as fire, as flesh, as marble.
Sometimes it is good and sometimes
it is dangerous like the ignorance
of particulars, but our words are clear
and our movements give off light.

-- Robert Hass, Praise (1982)


J.B. Kochanie said...


Since you are superstitious, I will not attract attention by wishing you a-four-letter-word-for-good-fortune.

What I will do is wish that Discernment accompany you to this interview and give you the benefit of Her good counsel. That should not be difficult to arrange since She obviously enjoys your company.

John Pine said...


"One for sadness, two for joy."
Through my window, no! Again!
One only!
One -
Blue and white
Omenly dutiful
Shockingly beautiful

(We are
To the gods
As flies to...)

At least
Wanton boys
Would see
This wretch off.

Sugarmag said...

Now I am afraid to say the four letter word, too! Let us know what happens. Beautiful iris.

Sungold said...

Thanks for all the good thoughts! It occurs to me that that I've already got that lovely four-letter-word in my life, surrounded as I am by well-wishers.

I thought the interview went fine. Maybe more than fine, though it's hard to tell when you're the one in the hot seat. If I don't get it, I'll have no reason to beat myself up.

And odd though it may sound, I actually had a whole lot of *fun* this morning. I'm lucky to have co-workers whom I really enjoy.

I promise to post when I get word about the job. Right now, I'm so bushed, I'm not even sure I have enough energy to watch bad TV.